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22,23 January 2009r - Spotkanie z profesorem Csaba Törő

22nd and 23rd January 2009, building A, University of Economics in Wrocław

Meeting with prof. dr Csaba Törő, the consultant of Hungarian Parliament and Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We all are citizens of European Union. And it obliges us to be hungry for knowledge about its plans of development. That is why we invited prof. Csaba Törő to tell us more about it. We were very happy to listen to him and to be able to ask him questions. Prof. Csaba Törő seemed to be happy too. It was obvious that he loves talking to students!

The first lecture was held on Thursday 22nd January and was titled “European Security Strategy after its 5th birthday”. Prof. Törő explained us how EU sees and understands some aspects of security. Now we know the way of working out the best ways to protect the EU citizens. We exchanged our points of views what the “good” government means because it’s a major instrument in all countries to introduce the EU’s rules. Now we are aware how we are protected against terrorism, natural disasters, wars and so on.

The second lecture “Prospects and conditions of a common energy foreign policy by the European Union”, was held on Friday 23rd January. Prof. Csaba Törő told us how influencial Russia is by owning the “gas tap” or “gas power” in another words. Did you know that Russia used this power 55 times during last few years to make impact on another countries? And did you realize that Russia, Qatar and Iran own 60% of proven reserves worldwide? So prof. Törő explained us how we – as EU – can be less independent on Russia. Why don’t we make agreement with Mediterranean Countries (especially with Algeria and Libya) about developing our solar and wind energy system? Or why don’t we liquidize natural gas (it’s called LNG)? But of course firstly we should remember about better use of the indigenous energy reserves:

  • fossil fuels: only if they are cost-effective and environmental friendly,
    • nuclear energy (but we know how it is controversial both politically and ecologically),
    • renewable sources: the aim is to achive 20% by 2020.

    Both during the lectures and on the end of them we asked prof. Törő questions and he answered them very happily. I think it is a great experience for all of us to host English-speaking lecturers. We learn a lot either the language and the details of different interesting topics. We hope that Mr. Csaba Törő will come back to us some day. It was a great pleasure to participate in his lectures.

    Natalia Stochmal

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